MIX 30

Mix 30 - The High Energy Liquid Feed


We are your local Mix 30 dealer.

Mix 30 - $1.25 per gallon picked up

              $1.35 per gallon delivered


Mix 30 is specifically designed as an alternative to the more common molasses based liquid feeds and is made entirely from corn and/or soy co-products, including corn or soy fat. This unique combination of ingredients results in a palatable, consistent, nutrient-rich product that supplies a prudent combination of protein and energy.

Because of its unique design, Mix 30 can be utilized in a wide variety of feeding situations and in the diet of all ruminants.





We carry everything from rabbit feed and chicken crumbles/pellets to bulk cubes.  We have a nice variety of dog, cat, poultry, game, goat, rabbit, lamb, sheep, horse and cow feed.  If you need it we can probably get it!!

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